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Kofi Gwayu with VFR Mannheim

1266280_582950978434401_439666940_oHomewood Soccer Club coach and UAB standout playing professionally!


Signed by VFR Mannheim in Germany Kofi is showing the same talents that made him a great college player here in the U.S. overseas.
Kofi coached with several of our teams prior to his departure to play professionally. Kofi made it very clear that although he was excited for the
opportunity, he would miss the growing competitive atmosphere surrounding Homewood Soccer Club
and stated that he hopes that when his professional career ends that he would certainly be in line for another stint as a coach!


To follow Kofi and his exploits you’ll need to first learn a little German,
and then you’ll need to check out the team’s website and Facebook Page, both can be found below.

VFR Mannheim Website
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