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Levels of Play

There are four levels of play in the Homewood Soccer Club program: Patriots, Red Teams, White Teams, and Blue Teams.  Our goal is to offer the best balanced youth program in Alabama.

Patriots: For age groups U-4 through U-8. Players play once a week with a practice followed by a game. U-8 players have a one time a week practice and play a game on Saturday each week. For all Patriot ages it is an intramural program without any travel.

Red Teams: Recreational teams for ages U-9 and up. Generally Homewood Soccer fields red teams up to U-14. Teams practice twice a week and play one game a week. Recreational teams are focused on maintaining a balance of player development, playing with friends, having fun, and a lower level of serious commitment. Teams play 4 home games and 4 games at other clubs in the Birmingham area.

White Teams: Recreational Plus for ages U-9 -U-11.

Blue Teams: For ages U-11 through U-18. Blue Teams are select teams, put together through competitive try outs. The teams play in the competitive ASA State League. Games are played state wide, although most are in the Birmingham area. Teams will play two tournaments and an annual State Cup Championship. The required level of commitment is high and there are additional costs above those of Red Teams.

What Age Bracket should I sign up for?

The soccer age of a player is set for the year based on the player’s age on July 31, 2012. That soccer age will stay the same until next July 31, even when the player has a birthday. In soccer, age groups are defined as under a given year, such as Under 10 (U-10). So for example a player with a Soccer Age of 9 will play in the age group Under 10 (U-10). When the player reaches a Soccer Age of 10, he/she will play U-11. Players may not play in an age group younger than their designated age group. In some circumstances players may play up in age groups, but the Homewood Soccer Program does not encourage it. (Patriot players with birthdates in August or September may request to play up with their class level).  If a parent wants to have that option considered they must send an email to Chris Rogers at with proper explanation.

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