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Patriot Soccer, Age 3-7

IMG_1646All Sessions run 6 – 7:30 pm

Sessions will begin September 15th for U5/6 and September 17th for U4, U7 and U8 and run through early November!

  • U-5 & U-6 Practice and play Tuesday night
  • U-4 & U-7 Practice and play Thursday night
  • U-8 Practice on Thursday and have an intramural game on Saturday


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Patriot League?
The Patriot League is an intramural league that is a key component of the Homewood Soccer Program. It provides the early learning and playing opportunity for children from age 3 through age 7. The program goal is to introduce and reinforce the “Joy of the Game” and to begin to introduce the basic skills necessary for growth in the game.

Integral to the success of the program is the curriculum of teaching individual soccer techniques and encouraging the development of individual skills appropriate for each age group. The Homewood Soccer senior coaching staff will demonstrate the techniques and provide direct guidance to the team coaches to assist the developmental process.

At the end of each season Homewood Soccer hosts a hot dog meal and celebration with the distribution of medals.

When do the Patriots practice and play their games?
U-4 (3 year olds) sessions are on Thursday, from 6 to 7:30.

U-5 and U-6 (4 and 5 year olds) sessions are on Tuesday, from 6 to 7:30.

U-7 and U-8 (6 and 7 year olds) sessions are on Thursday, from 6 to 7:30. In addition U-8 Teams play a game against another Homewood Team on Saturday. See the discussion of the “Transition” Program below.

The practices will be at the Homewood Soccer Park. At each session the first 30 minutes are for practice with the team. The second part of the session is for a game with another team. The length of the games is as follows:

  • U-4: At this age sessions are more informal and practices and games will be based on the interest level of the players.
  • U-5/6: Quarters are 6 minutes with 2 minutes between quarters and a 5 minute half.
  • U-7: Quarters are 8 minutes with 2 minutes between quarters and a 5 minute half.

U-8 Transitional Program
The Transition Program for U-8 players adds a game on each Saturday in addition to the Thursday practice.
The primary goals of the U-8 Transitional Program include:

  1. Continue to teach “The Joy of the Game” by increasing the challenge and the excitement of games.
  2. Significantly increase the pace of individual player development.
  3. Prepare players for the step up to the Red Team play level which play against other clubs, which takes place at U-9.

Key points:

  1. U-8 teams will continue to meet on Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:30, but the session will be a full practice without the game.
  2. U-8 games will be played on Saturdays at scheduled times. The scheduled game period will be for one hour. The games will be 4 v 4, with a goal keeper and played on a small  5 v 5 field.
  3. There will be active coaching during the games-learning is the goal.

Who are the coaches?
Coaches are all volunteers, almost always fathers and mothers. The program always needs interested coaches. Soccer knowledge is not a requirement, the desire to work with children, (including your own), and see them learn and have fun is the only requirement. The registration form has a place to check to be a coach.

What equipment is required to play Patriot soccer?
At the initial session each player will receive his or her team shirt which is the uniform shirt for each practice. Each team has its own color shirt. Each player will need soccer shoes (or tennis shoes) white socks, and shin guards. They will be necessary at the first session because there will be a practice.

How are Patriot Teams put together?
The two main criteria for making up teams in the U-4 division, and the U-5/U-6 division are:

  1. Balance the ratio of ages on each team.
  2. Balance the ratio of girls and boys on each team.

Not All teams will be co-ed.

For all age groups, players may request to be on a team with a particular other player, or to be on a team with a named coach. There is a space on the registration form to make these requests. Homewood Soccer works to meet those requests, but cannot guarantee to do so.

What does it cost to play Patriot Soccer?
Patriots U-4 – U-7: The fee is $110 per season
Patriots U-8: The fee is $110 per season + $50 team fee to cover the Saturday matches.

If not a Homewood Resident there is an additional fee of $25.


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