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Red Teams, Age 8-18


Practices for Red and White III teams begin between the weeks of August 18th and August 28th dependent on coach and league schedule.

Games start in September and teams play in the CASL (Central Alabama Soccer League)

Teams are being formed so register today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Red Teams?
Red Teams are the teams established within the Homewood Soccer Program to promote recreational soccer. The goal of the Red Team part of the Homewood Soccer Program is to help each Red Team player to learn and enjoy the game of soccer; gain the multiple benefits of all youth recreational programs; and to provide the opportunity for each child to improve his/her soccer skills to the level of their desire and ability within the Homewood program.

What are the size of the teams?
Team size varies with the age group.

U-9 and U-10: Games are played 6 v 6 including goalies. The target number of players on a roster is 9, the maximum number is 11.

U-11 and U-12: Games are played 8 v 8 including goalies. The target number of players on a roster is 11, the maximum number is 14.

U-13 and older:Games are played 11 v 11 including goalies. The target numbr of players on a roster is 15, the maximum number is 18.

How are teams put together?
The Homewood Soccer Program philosophy is to place players on teams primarily based on each player’s combination of skill and commitment, with secondary attention to other preferences when possible. Teams will be established that put together players with as similar ability as possible. This team make up allows the most efficient coaching and allows all players to be responsible for and share equally in the success of the team.

The primary method for determination of a player’s skill level is from the player’s performance during an evaluation process conducted at sessions offered in late July prior to the fall season. Attendance at one of these sessions is extremely important to insure that players are placed on appropriate teams.

There is not an evaluation session prior to the Spring season. New players will be placed based on parent input and the needs of existing team rosters.

Teams established in the fall will be kept intact for the spring season to the maximum extent possible.

When do teams practice and play games?
Red Teams have two practices of 1-1/2 hours a week and play games almost always on Saturday. Games are occasionally played on Sunday or during the week.

Practices can be on Monday through Friday and the possible practice blocks are 4:30-6:00; 6:00-7:30; or 7:30-9:00. Younger teams do not use the 7:30-9:00 block.  The team coach is the primary decider on practice times.

Teams normally play 8 games during a season.

Who are the coaches for Red Teams?
Red Teams will be coached primarily by volunteer coaches. The Red Team coaches will receive training under a coaching development program designed and managed by the Director of Coaching. In addition, all Red Teams will receive coaching assistance (skills and training session development) from the Homewood Soccer Program coaching staff.   Red Teams will be allowed to use paid coaches only with the approval of the Director of Coaching. Coaches must continue to develop their coaching skills through training in order to continue to coach in the program. All coaches must abide by the Homewood Soccer Program Coaching Expectation Statement.

What equipment is required and who is responsible for providing it?
Red Team players are required to have soccer cleats and shin guards at all practices and games.

Full uniform kits and/or individual uniform components will be supplied through Homewood Soccer Club. A complete kit costs $50.00. The new uniform kit is by Nike and includes one Red and one White Jersey with a Homewood Soccer logo on the front and a number on the back; a pair of royal shorts and two pairs of white socks. In the future players can continue to wear this kit and pass it on to siblings as long as it remains in acceptable condition. At the beginning of each season players will be offered the opportunity to order and pay for a full kit or individual components. Players will be required to have a complete kit and to wear the correct uniform at every game.

My child has not played soccer before, is it too late to start at the Red Team level?
One of the great things about the game of soccer is it that it is simple and is based on the natural activity of running and kicking a ball. Players can start at any age and get up to speed quickly if they make the effort. The limited rules are simple; there are roles for players of all sizes, ability and experience. The primary requirement is the desire to try hard and to want to have fun in a team environment.

What is the cost of playing on a Red Team?
The registration fee is $110, and there is a Red Tean Fee of $90 to cover costs associated with coaching development, referee fees, extra training opportunities and additional game opportunities. The cost of the uniform will vary depending on uniform components that are purchased.

If the player is not a Homewood resident there is an additional $25.00 fee.

[Please download Concussion form and Medical Information form and return to your team manager at the start of the season.]

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