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White Teams, Age 7-8

1Frequently Asked Questions
The Homewood Soccer Program provides four Levels of Play: Patriot, Red Teams, White Teams and Blue Teams.  These Levels of Play provide opportunities for players to develop in accordance with their age, physical development, commitment and interest over the ages U-4 to U-18.  Information about each level is available on the web site.

What is the age range covered by the White Team Program?
The “White Team” term describes a level of competition not an age range. The White Team Program starts with players in the True U-8 age group that are selected to play on a team during the spring season which will play in a bracket of primarily U-9 teams, and the term continues to cover players that play on teams placed in brackets with teams generally a year older up through U-13.

It is important to remember that all age references in this FAQ are to the age bracket in which a White Team will play, not to the true ages of the team players.  

What are the goals for the White Team Program?
To create a training and competition Path that will prepare enough high quality players to field a high quality, true age, U-13, Division I team, every year for both boys and girls.

What are the Principles that the White Team Program will apply to achieve this goal?

  • The focus of the White Team Program will be on individual player development. Win-loss records will not be used in judging team or program success.
  • Player development will be enhanced by increased player challenges through league play at the most appropriate level, regardless of age. White Team players will generally play against players of an older age group.
  • Tournaments will be viewed as opportunities for increased testing challenges, or initial exposure to larger team or field size, not as opportunities to win medals.

What are the expectations of players selected to play on White Team Program teams?

  • In addition to scheduled practices, players are expected to “self train” on their own and will be measured against standard levels of performance.
  • White team players are expected to attend Skills Training Sessions on a regular basis.
  • White Team players will be expected to commit to playing both seasons in a soccer year.
  • Players may participate in other activities, but soccer must be a primary activity.  Players must actively and timely communicate about potential and actual schedule conflicts between soccer obligations and other obligations.

How are players selected for White Teams?
The White Team players will be selected at the beginning of each Spring season from among the Fall season U-8 Patriot players and will be placed on teams that will play in a U-9 league bracket during the Spring.  The players will be selected by the Homewood Soccer coaching staff primarily based on observations during the fall season. There will also be an evaluation session in Early January  to offer an additional opportunity for interested players.

In late July, prior to the fall season there will be evaluations for players desiring to play in the U-9, and U-10 age level. The evaluations will be used to assign players to both Red Teams and White Teams. All interested players will be strongly encouraged to attend one or more evaluation sessions, but they are not required.  Players that do not attend the evaluations will be assigned to teams using all available information.

The goal of the selection process will be to identify and place players with similar levels of development together on teams.  Players not selected to play on a White Team will continue to have the option to play on a true age Red or Blue Team.

How do teams and players advance within the White Team structure?
For each fall season teams will be formed through evaluations and try outs as described in the question above.  In the fall, a prior team assignment will not be any guarantee of a team assignment for the new soccer year.

In late December/ early January, prior to the spring season, there will be evaluation sessions for players that did not play for Homewood Soccer at all in the fall and for players that want to be considered to fill vacancies on higher level teams.  This will allow for appropriate assignment of these players and to meet team needs. During this process of mid-Soccer Year team personal adjustments no players will be moved to lower level teams. Only movements of players to higher level teams to meet team needs will be considered.

An important part of the spring team assignment process will be to identify Red Team players that have continued their development.  The system that is being put in place requires that a number of these players move  to White Teams over time in part because as teams move up the age brackets they require more players to fill larger rosters.

After spring teams are firmed up, the coaching staff will make decisions regarding the appropriate level of team placement within the league structures.

Teams will be placed into brackets where they will be fully challenged.

How will the new White Team Program interact with the Red Team Program?

  • The Red Teams will continue to be fully supported and encouraged by Homewood Soccer.  We recognize that young players have a wide range of interests and growth/development rates.  Players that want to play among their own age group or have a mix of interests and view soccer as only one of a set of recreational activities should consider participating in the Red Team Program.  The Red Team Program is designed to meet the needs and wants of that set of players.
  • An important part of both the Fall and Spring player evaluation and assignment process will be to allow players to move from the Red Team Program to the White Program or from White to Red, all based on a player’s development, desires and level of commitment.

What leagues do White Teams play in?

  • Both Red and White teams that play in the U-9 and U-10 brackets will play in the Mid-Alabama Recreational Soccer League (MARS League).  This league plays all its games in the Birmingham area and has both Recreational and Recreational Plus brackets that allow our teams to be placed at the appropriate and challenging level of play.

Who are the White Team Coaches?

  • White Teams will be coached by qualified and trained coaches. Parents will be allowed to coach only if they are fully licensed by The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and are experienced as a player or coach or both.
  • The White Team coaches will receive continuing training under a coaching development program designed and managed by the Director of Coaching. In addition, all White Teams will receive coaching assistance (skills and training session development) from the Homewood Soccer Program coaching staff.
  • Coaches must continue to develop their coaching skills through training in order to continue to coach in the program. All coaches must abide by the Homewood Soccer Program Coaching Expectation Statement.

What are the White Team fees?

  • Registration Fee:                                    $110 (Per Season)
  • White Team Fee:                                    $220 (Per Season)
  • Uniform Fee                                            $50 (Annual Maximum-players can purchase just items required)
  • Sub-Total                                               $375
  • Non-Homewood Resident Fee:         $25 (Each Season)
  • The White Team fee covers the following extras:
    • Technique and Fitness (Skills) weekly training sessions
    • Teams will attend the ASA Governor’s Cup Tournament at the end of the fall season.  In the spring, teams will play one team selected tournament.           Note: Any travel costs associated with players and families attending tournaments, including lodging, meals, and travel are the responsibilities of the player.
    • An average of coaching fees paid to non-parent coaches.
  • White Team Uniforms: Players in these age brackets will wear the same uniform as the Red Teams (Not included in fees must be purchased separately)


4:30 pm HWSC Skills Program @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 1
HWSC Skills Program @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 1
Oct 28 @ 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
HWSC Skills Program 4:30-5:30 Open to all U9-U12 Soccer Players playing at any level within the Homewood Soccer Club! The more touches you get on the ball the better your chances of becoming a top player!
6:00 pm Patriots U5 & U6 @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 2
Patriots U5 & U6 @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 2
Oct 28 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Patriots U5 & U6 @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 2 | Birmingham | Alabama | United States
Patriots Soccer! All U5 & U6 Patriots (Ages 4-5)  
6:00 pm Patriots U4, U7 & U8 @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 2
Patriots U4, U7 & U8 @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 2
Oct 30 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Patriots U4, U7 & U8 @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 2 | Birmingham | Alabama | United States
Patriots Soccer! U4s, U7s & U8s (Ages 3, 6 & 7)
6:00 pm U5 and U6 End of Season Hot Dog ... @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 2
U5 and U6 End of Season Hot Dog ... @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 2
Nov 4 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
U5 and U6 End of Season Hot Dog Party @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 2 | Birmingham | Alabama | United States
End of the Season HOT DOG PARTY U5/U6 Patriots!
6:00 pm U4, U7, and U8 End of Season Hot... @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 2
U4, U7, and U8 End of Season Hot... @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 2
Nov 6 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
U4, U7, and U8 End of Season Hot Dog Party! @ Homewood Soccer Park Field 2 | Birmingham | Alabama | United States
End of the Season HOT DOG PARTY U4, U7, and U8 Patriots!

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