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White Teams

1What is the White Team Program?
The White Team Program starts with players in the U-8 age group that are selected to play on a team(s) during the spring season which will play in a bracket of primarily U-9 teams. White Teams will play one age group up in the CASL (Central Alabama Soccer League) until their true U-10 age group. At the U10 age group, players will either remain competitive following the Blue Team tryouts or be encouraged to join the recreational (Red) program.

What are the goals for the White Team Program?
To create a more competitive and focused environment to bridge between the Recreational (Red) and Competitive (Blue) Programs.

What are the Principles that the White Team Program?

  • The focus of the White Team Program will be on individual player development.
  • Win-loss records will not be used in judging team or program success.
  • Player development will be enhanced by increased player challenges through league play by competing an age group up. (Placement based upon overall skill and discretion of HWSC Staff)

How are players selected for White Teams?

  • White team players are selected through an evaluation process typically taking place in July. Some consideration is placed on prior season but it is highly encouraged that all players interested participate in the evaluation process. Players are evaluated and selected by the HWSC staff and are placed into teams of like and similar players.
  • All players are placed based on what is the best fit developmentally for your child.
  • All players are guaranteed a spot on a HWSC team, these evaluations only serve to determine if that spot is with a White or Red team.
  • Replacement evaluations to fill vacancies in teams and to jump from the Red to White programs are held between the Fall and Spring seasons.

The goal of the selection process will be to identify and place players with similar levels of development together on teams.

What are the expectations of players selected to play on White Team Program teams?

  • In addition to scheduled practices, players are expected to “self train” on their own.
  • White team players are expected to attend Skills Training Sessions on a regular basis.
  • Players may participate in other activities, but soccer must be a primary activity.  Players must actively and timely communicate about potential and actual schedule conflicts between soccer obligations and other obligations.

How will the White Team Program interact with the Red Team Program?

  • The Red Teams will continue to be fully supported and encouraged by HWSC.  We recognize that young players have a wide range of interests and growth/development rates.  Players that want to play among their own age group, or have a mix of interests and view soccer as only one of a set of recreational activities, should consider participating in the Red Team Program.
  • An important part of both the Fall and Spring player evaluation and assignment process will be to allow players to move from the Red Team Program to the White Program or from White to Red, all based on a player’s development, desires and level of commitment.

What leagues do White Teams play in?

  • Both Red and White teams that play in the U-9 and U-10 brackets will play in the CASL (Central Alabama Soccer League).  This league plays all its games in the greater Birmingham area and focuses on providing an appropriate level of play for all teams.

Who are the White Team Coaches?

  • White Teams are coached by qualified and trained coaches selected by the HWSC staff.
  • The White Team coaches will receive continuing training under a coaching development program designed and managed by the Director of Coaching. In addition, all White Teams will receive coaching assistance (skills and training session development) from the HWSC coaching staff.

What are the White Team fees?

  • Registration Fee:                                    $110 (Per Season)
  • White Team Fee:                                    $220 (Per Season
  • Sub-Total                                                 $330 (Per Season)
  • Non-Homewood Resident Fee:          $25 (Each Season)
  • The White Team fee covers the following extras:
    • HWSC Skills on Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 in season. (10 total sessions per season)
    • Teams will attend the ASA Governor’s Cup Tournament at the end of the Spring season.  In the fall, teams will play one local club selected tournament.
    • Note: Any travel costs associated with players and families attending tournaments, including lodging, meals, and travel are the responsibilities of the player.
  • White Team Uniforms: Players will wear the same uniform as the Red Teams (Not included in fees must be purchased separately for $50).


all-day Blue Team Boot Camp @ Homewood Soccer Park
Blue Team Boot Camp @ Homewood Soccer Park
Jul 20 – Jul 24 all-day
Blue Team Boot Camp @ Homewood Soccer Park | Birmingham | Alabama | United States
Get ready for the Fall 2015 Season with a weeks worth of practices with your coach and team mates. Regular practices will begin shortly after this week. If unable attend please make sure you coordinate with your coach!
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HWSC Summer Camp @ Homewood Soccer Park
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HWSC Summer Camp @ Homewood Soccer Park | Birmingham | Alabama | United States
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