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Philosophy for Team Formation for Ages U9-13

Red Teams:
Homewood Soccer Club Red Team Program is designed for players aged U-9 and up.  The top age is dependent on significant player interest to support a team.  Red Teams are established for players that want to enjoy the benefits of team sports, including social, health and productive time use, but do not desire to make the commit required of the more structured programs discussed below.  Red teams will be formed based on factors other than player development levels.

White Teams
Homewood Soccer Club’s Goals for player development include establishing single age teams composed of appropriate skilled and committed players in single age groups of U-8, U-9 and U-10 players, and those teams will be placed in CASL League Brackets that are either one year older than the team’s single age or, as appropriate, in CASL League Brackets that are designated as Recreation Plus level.

The White Teams Program is intended to be a transition program for players that are too young for the White Teams II program, or are not prepared for that level of play.

Blue Teams:
Homewood Soccer Club’s Blue team program is for the competitive player competing in the ASA (Alabama Soccer Association) state league. These teams are coached by licensed coaches and compete not only locally but across the state.

Player Selection for White and Blue Teams

White and Blue Teams will be formed for the start of the fall season with the intent that the teams will stay intact for both the fall and spring seasons.

Try outs for Blue Teams will occur in early June on dates established by ASA.

Evaluations for White Teams and Red Teams will be held together in late July on dates established by Homewood Soccer Club.

Evaluations for U-8 players desiring to play on a White Team will occur in early January to play in a U-9 Bracket only for the spring season.

All Try outs and evaluations will be conducted under the direction of the Homewood Soccer Club Management Team headed by the Soccer Director.

As appropriate, and possible, coaches will be selected for expected teams prior to Try outs and evaluations.  Selected coaches will be encouraged to attend and their input on players will be solicited.  All player selections will be made by the management team and require the approval of the Soccer Director.

It is important to stress that under the new team system that all teams will be single age and individual players will not be allowed to play up on a different age team except under the most unusual circumstances.

The selection goal for teams will be to put players of the most similar level of development, potential and commitment together on the same team.  Only after teams are formed will decisions be finalized on placement of the teams within the various options available.  Those options will include, age brackets, Leagues (CASL vs. ASA) and bracket levels within age groups.  The goal for these decisions will be the best opportunity for player development, including a challenging environment.  The opportunity to win a lot of games is not to be considered.  Team placement will be decided by the Management Team with input from team coaches and must be approved by the Soccer Director.

History has shown and it will continue that all players will not attend evaluations and tryouts and some players will only become known after teams are selected.  Although attendance will be strongly encouraged, and missing without an excuse can be a factor in determining commitment, players can and will still be assigned to teams without attendance.  When possible, unknown players will be asked to attend a team practice for evaluation purposes.  Players will be assigned based on prior knowledge of the and on team space available.

Prior to the spring season there will be try outs and evaluations for players that want to join the various programs or want to be considered for advancement within the development program.  Players that make their interest known will be considered.  Players can only be added or advance when there is a team vacancy.  Players will never be dropped down the development program without a parent’s request.

Homewood Soccer Club will not tolerate inter-Club recruitment of players rostered on Homewood teams.

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