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Yes, that is a new Homewood Soccer Club logo.

HSCLargeBall_newlogoIt’s true. We’ve changed. Over the past 6-7 years, Homewood Soccer Club has grown by leaps and bounds, seeing a dramatic increase in the number of  boys and girls playing soccer. We’ve grown from somehow packing all the soccer activity onto one field at West Homewood Park to relocating to a brand new soccer complex along the Shades Creek Greenway in 2007. Then we had to add another field and a new field house in 2009 to keep up with demand.

But much has stayed the same, and that’s a good thing. We are still a family-focused club. We still strive to develop both the soccer player and the child. We are a club where you’ll recognize lots of friendly faces from the neighborhood, yet at the same time, you’ll see a number of talented, highly-skilled soccer players and their families from nearby communities, too. Homewood Soccer Club is a place where you can see old friends and meet new ones every day. It’s a sign of our success. And we welcome it.

So we decided the way to reflect that growth — and that wonderful continuity — was with a new website and  logo to signify how the club has matured and developed. It’s a new look for a new era. We hope you like it.

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