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Financial Aid & Payment Policy

[Download Financial Aid Application and/or the Payment Plan Application – English] [Descargar solicitud de ayuda económica y/o la aplicación del Plan de Pago – Espanol]

1. POLICY and PRACTICE: It shall be the Policy of the Homewood Soccer Club to assist families of players who demonstrate financial need. In order to allow HWSC to accurately assess need and to make decisions that are fair to both the requestor and to all HWSC members, requestors are expected to provide honest and candid information as necessary. All information gathered in the implementation of this Policy and Practice (P&P) shall be maintained in the most confidential manner. All requests under this P&P are subject to review by the HWSC Tuition Assistance Committee. All decisions made under this P&P shall be based solely on assessed need without regard to playing ability, race, religion, or national origin.

2. COVERED COSTS: The following costs can be covered by financial aid:

• Registration Fee
• Non-Homewood Resident Fee
• Blue Team Fee (As appropriate)

3. NON COVERED COSTS: The following types of costs will not be eligible for financial aid:

  • Uniform and equipment costs not included in registration fees.
  • Travel expenses to practices or games.

4. MINIMUM PAYMENTS REQUIRED: The following minimum amounts are NOT covered by Financial Aid and must be paid by each player.

Patriot U4-U7: $50.00
Patriot U8 $60.00
Red Team: $75.00
U-8 and U-9 White Teams: $100.00
All Blue Teams: $150.00

5. EVALUATION OF NEED CRITERIA: Eligibility is based upon a player’s acceptance into his/her school’s free or reduced lunch program as determined by the Federal Poverty Guidelines. No financial information is required other than the completed Free or Reduced Price Meals Verification Form. Parents will complete the Free or Reduced Price Meals Verification Form and submit it to their child’s school. The school will indicate the player’s free or reduced price meal status and mail the form to the Tuition Assistance Committee of the Homewood Soccer Club.  Homewood Soccer Club recognizes that unforeseen circumstances may occur which can impact a family’s ability to pay.  Therefore, a financial aid committee exists to review individual cases, should the need arise.  You may be asked to provide documentation relating to the financial aid request and will be required to meet with the financial committee to determine eligibility.  Each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis and there is no implied guarantee for receiving financial aid.

  • Those receiving free meals are eligible for 100% financial aid (minus the minimum payments required).


A. OPTION ONE: Full Payment

  • By Credit Card (Visa or Master Card) or E-Check.
  • By check mailed to and received by Homewood Soccer Club. The registration will not be accepted and activated until check is received.

B. OPTION TWO: Automatic Payment Plan

  • By Credit Card or E-Check
  • Parent agrees to allow automatic charges to their credit card or bank account.
  • Parents can select plans with one, two, or three payments.
  • The initial payment is charged at the time of registration.
  • Additional payments are charged on the same day of each succeeding month until the plan is completed.

C. OPTION THREE: Installment Plan by cash or check

  • By check or cash
  • Parent completes the Payment Plan Application.
  • Parent pays minimum amount per player in order to activate registration.
  • Parent pays the remaining balance in one or two payments, with entire balance satisfied within 60 days.

7. COMPLETION AND REVIEW OF THE FINANCIAL AID / PAYMENT PLAN APPLICATION: The parent must download and complete the Financial Aid Application and / or the Payment Plan Application and submit the form(s) by mail to the Tuition Assistance Committee of the Homewood Soccer Club. In addition, those applying for financial aid must also complete the Free or Reduced Meals Verification Form and submit it to the player’s school for completion by school officials. The school will indicate the player’s free or reduced price meal status and mail the form to the Tuition Assistance Committee of the Homewood Soccer Club.

8. NOTIFICATION: Upon review of the financial aid application, the Tuition Assistance Committee will document its decision and notify the parent by mail or email.  If financial aid is granted, the registrar will also be notified who will track implementation of the decision in the registration system to insure the player is fully registered and any agreed upon payments are made.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A player is not completely registered until any application for financial aid or payment plan is approved. Applying for financial aid does not guarantee that aid will be granted in part or in full.

Mail completed application forms to:

Tuition Assistance Committee
Homewood Soccer Club
P.O. Box 59761
Birmingham, AL 35259

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P.O. Box 59761
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