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Philosophy: Vision, Belief Statement, Strategic Plan

The Homewood Soccer Club Statement of Philosophy



  • Balance the development of the child and of the soccer player
  • Balance the attention given each of the components of the program
  • Balance cost with value received

We Believe:

  • Creating a player and family friendly environment is paramount.
  • Creating a reputation of having coaches, players and parents that always act appropriately is a critical Club goal.
  • Money should never keep a child from playing soccer.
  • Soccer training should be about developing the player, not about wins and loses.
  • If we succeed at the above goals, success on the field will follow.


2012-2013 and 2013-2014

Strategic Objective: Establish a self sustaining sized program capable of annually developing players, beginning at U-4, capable of competing effectively in the State League Division I from U-13 through U-18 while also providing a robust program of development and play for players desiring a recreational environment.

Implementing Goals for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 Soccer Years:

Patriot Program Goal

Continue the basic structure of the program while making improvements in two areas:

  1. Coaching development through retention, structured training opportunities, and guided practice sessions.
  2. Parent education covering explanations of Program purposes, methods, goals and expectations.


Red Team Program Goal

Work with the larger soccer community to develop two parallel development paths for players as they transition from the internal Patriot Program to travel programs that take teams to play against other clubs. The transition period will be during the U-9 and U-10 years.

  1. The Recreational Path: For players that want to continue their soccer development with the focus more on internal team relationships, more limited travel, games against more evenly matched teams, and more flexibility for other non-soccer activities. This path will continue beyond the U-10 age level.
  2. The Transition to Highly Competitive Soccer Path: For players that want to continue their soccer development through more intensive training, playing against the most challenging competition available, a greater commitment to soccer as their primary extra curricular activity, and a willingness to train in addition to scheduled practices. This path will transition into Division II play at U-11.

Homewood Soccer will strongly support both paths with resources and management attention and will educate players and parents about the appropriateness of each path for individual players.


Blue Team Program Goal

Establish as the primary measure of team and player success the development of the following five Fundamental Competencies so that a U-13 Boys and U-13 Girls team will be prepared to begin effectively competing in Division I of the AYSA State League in 2012-2013 and every following year. The Club will move to the goal of having a team of each gender competing in Division I in each age division through U-18 as quickly as possible

  1. Players will have a clearly exceptional level of receiving a ball with an initial controlling touch.
  2. Players will have the demonstrated ability to solve soccer problems and make quality decisions without instructions from the sideline during games.
  3. Players will demonstrate the discipline to maintain formation structure and shape using active communication and knowledge of game flow.
  4. Coaches will train during practices and provide a minimum of direction during games.
  5. Team sideline supporters will provide enthusiastic support of the team, but avoid all coaching or other directing.

Other Program Goals:

  1. Increase the participation of girls to a level about matching the boys
  2. Provide increased coaching training and more formalized evaluation of coaches at all levels


Adopted on November 17, 2011

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