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Homewood Soccer Club Youth Academy

The Academy Program is designed to promote player development over team development in a child centered environment for the U9s-U11s.  The purpose of the program is to increase enjoyment and player retention for players transitioning from our Patriot Program into our Recreational or Competitive program. As a result of removing the pressure to earn results, we are able shift the focus to the technical development of our players.  


The Academy will serve as a bridge program between our intramural (Patriot) and competitive (Blue) programs. Our players involved in the academy will receive quality training that follows our curriculum prepared by the Youth Academy Director and Technical Director. The purpose of this curriculum is to guide our players on the appropriate pathway towards soccer success.

Fees: Fall Spring
Program Registration Fee (Each Season) $110 $110
Academy Fee (Each Season) $465 $465
Sub-Total $575 $575
Non-Resident Fee (Each Season) $50 $50


1. Academy Fee. The fee covers the registration for up to two tournaments and the ASA State Showcases. It also covers the additional fees charged by ASA for playing in the Academy, the coaching fees paid to non-parent coaches and travel expenses to out of Birmingham games paid to the coaches. Any travel costs associated with players and families attending tournaments, including lodging, meals, and travel are the responsibilities of the player.

2. Uniform Fee. A uniform kit will be purchased for new players. The cost is $60 and includes 2 Nike Tops, 1 Red, 1 White, 1 Pair of Nike shorts Blue, and a pair of White Nike socks. Players can wear their old uniforms as long as they are in good repair. All uniforms are purchased separately at the fields.

3. Homewood Soccer does not allow the request for or the collection of other money, not covered above, from players or their parents.

4. Homewood Soccer does not require a player to pay Spring Fees if they do not register for the Spring. Players should be aware that ASA does require a full year commitment, and a player will not be allowed to change clubs in the Spring.

5. Homewood Soccer does have a financial aid program and allows payment plans. Information is available and those interested should contact us at 205-874-9182.


Parent Resource Center

If you have any questions about our Academy Program please email Mason Cook at the contact below or call our office 205-874-9182.


Mason  Cook

Mason Cook

Executive Director