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Blue Teams

Blue Teams (Select Competitive)

Key Information for 2018/19

Players and parents of try out candidates are encouraged to review the information below to insure that they are prepared to meet the requirements of playing on a Homewood Blue Team.

For additional information, contact or 205-874-9182.

Homewood Soccer identifies all of their select teams as “Blue Teams.” Players for Blue Teams are selected through a competitive try out conducted at a designated time as set by the Alabama Soccer Association in mid May. Teams established for the Fall season will stay together for the Spring season. If replacement players are necessary for the Spring season, the replacement players will be selected through a competitive try out prior to the Spring season. Playing on a Blue Team in the prior soccer year will not insure being selected for a Blue Team for the next soccer year.

Teams U-13 and older will play in either the ASA State League Division I or Division II. Teams will be placed in a developmentally appropriate environment, which will be determined by the Club's Management Team. 

The State League is established for teams put together through competitive selection process. The competition is serious and the level of play is high. Teams come from soccer organizations throughout the state of Alabama.

Being selected to play on a Blue Team brings with it certain important obligations and responsibilities, and each player and his/her parents should carefully consider them before accepting an offer to play on one of the Homewood Blue Teams.

Fees: Fall Spring
Program Registration Fee (Each Season) $110 $110
Blue Team Fee (Each Season) $500 $500
Sub-Total $610 $610
Non-Resident Fee (Each Season) $50 $50

1. Blue Team Fee. The fee covers the registration for up to two tournaments and the ASA State Cup in the season when it is played for each age group. It also covers the additional fees charged by ASA for playing in the State League, the coaching fee paid to non-parent coaches and travel expenses to out of Birmingham games paid to the coaches. Any travel costs associated with players and families attending tournaments, including lodging, meals, and travel are the responsibilities of the player.

2. Uniform Fee. A uniform kit will be purchased for each Blue Team player. For 2017-2018 Homewood Soccer Club will have a new Nike uniform kit that includes two jerseys of different colors, one pair of shorts, two pairs of socks and a Nike practice jersey.

3. Homewood Soccer does not allow the request for or the collection of other money, not covered above, from players or their parents.

4. Homewood Soccer does not require a player to pay Spring Fees if they do not register for the Spring. Players should be aware that ASA does require a full year commitment, and a player will not be allowed to change clubs in the Spring.

5. Homewood Soccer does have a financial aid program and allows payment plans. Information is available and those interested should contact us at 874-9182.

6. Players will not be allowed to play in a League game until they have paid their fees or completed a Payment Plan/Financial aid form.

The opportunity to play on a Homewood Soccer Blue Team is an honor, but it creates a responsibility to the other members of the team. Team players are expected to be prompt, to work hard at practices and games, and to do additional practice and fitness on their own time. Please review the Blue Team Player Expectation Document available on the web site. Acceptance of the terms of that document will be required during the on line registration process.

Each player is asked to discuss with his/her parents the expectations for the team. If the player will have too many conflicts, the player should not accept an offer to be a part of a Blue Team.